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From a race in the outback to ModuleOne, a pioneer's journey

Our story begins in 2022, but you really have to look back much further. It all starts during our founder's studies. Jan was part of the Umicore Solar Car team during his engineering studies, where he was responsible for the drive system. You guessed it: battery technology. It was during the Solar Car Race in the Australian outback that Jan got bitten by the battery bug. And why settle for one degree when you can get two? Said and done. Jan delved into Product Design for another two years. This degree also led to his first job experience as a Product Designer. At Worldline, Jan spent eight years mastering the craft.

As one climate disaster after another began to dominate the news, Jan started worrying about the warming of our planet, and began to wonder how he could use his knowledge to help combat the climate crisis. The battery bug resurfaced, and one thing led to another. Together with some college friends, plans were made, sketches drawn, and experiments conducted. The seed for MyGrid was planted. Jan's years of experience as a product designer came in handy, as from his pen flowed the elegant lines of the ModuleOne™, which also seduced the juries of the most prestigious design awards.

Years later, our prototype is almost ready for production. The ModuleOne™ has become a smart, portable plug & play battery that gives you access to the benefits of energy transition. Our app allows you to manage your energy yourself. You can choose from many options to reduce your energy bill, decrease your ecological footprint, and help boost renewable energy. Our Kickstarter campaign was a huge success. There's no better validation for your idea or product than early adopters who embrace your vision and mission, giving you the confidence to achieve your ambitions. But it doesn't stop there: our vision goes much further. In the near future, we aim to combine our smart batteries to form a virtual power plant. By buffering energy on a large scale, we can help keep the power grid stable, one of the major challenges of the energy transition. Want to be part of our journey?


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