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Mission Statement

Just take a look at our brand name. You’ll find our mission embedded in it. Or say it out loud: MyGrid, that is indeed my grid. And that’s exactly how we intended it. It is our mission to empower you - consumers and businesses alike -  to take control over your energy. 

ModuleOne™, our smart, bidirectional plug-and-play home battery, allows you to monitor and manage your energy hassle-free, saving you money along the way. Designed for ease of use, our plug-and-play solution gives you energy independence wherever you go. In our intuitive app, you choose what you do with your energy. It’s all about empowering you. 

Vision Statement

It is our vision to transform the energy ecosystem by building advanced, sustainable energy solutions like the ModuleOne™, and making our solutions accessible to everyone. We are committed to pioneering a future where you can effortlessly integrate renewable energy sources through our innovative technology, achieving greater energy independence and control. 

By 2030, we aim to empower you—as part of our global community - to manage your energy smarter by actively participating in energy markets through real-time management and actively engaging in peer-to-peer energy exchanges. That is how we envision fostering a resilient and sustainable energy future—your energy future. 

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