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The future of energy starts here

Take control over your energy with the world's first plug & play home energy solution

Lower your electricity bill and ecological footprint in a heartbeat.

Reddot Design Winner 2023

The MyGrid™ Ecosystem
Gives you control over your electricity bill and unlocks the benefits of the energy transition.

The MyGrid™ ecosystem gives you easy access to the energy transition through three unique, interconnected components: our plug-and-play ModuleOne™, a mobile application, and a cloud platform.

How does it work? It's brilliantly simple

1. Plug

Simply plug your ModuleOne™ into a standard electrical outlet. No installation costs, no additional certification needed, just plug-and-play.

2. Connect

Connect your ModuleOne™ to the MyGrid™ app to manage your energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint.

3. Play

Once connected, you can fully unlock the capabilities of your ModuleOne™. Charge your ModuleOne™ with inexpensive energy and use the energy when electricity prices peak.


Saving money was never easier.


 100% funded on Kickstarter 

Curious about how you can help shape the future of energy? Dive into our story and see how MyGrid™ pioneers the development of decentralized energy systems. It all starts in the Outback...



125 charges



25 charges



27 hours


LED Lights

500 hours



15 hours


User-friendly Software

With our state-of-the-art digital platform and MyGrid™'s user-friendly app, you take control of your energy consumption.

Self Consumption

Increase your self-consumption of solar energy and reduce the amount of energy you need to feed back to the grid at a low price. Especially interesting with the new net metering scheme. 

Peak Shaving

Avoid the capacity fee or net metering scheme. ModuleOne™ helps you to avoid peaks in your energy consumption. You can stop worrying now.

Dynamic Prices

The integrated software calculates the best time when to charge and discharge your energy. It will charge when prices are low and discharge when they are high.

Take back control of

your energy.


Capacity - 1500Wh

Battery Cell - LiFePO4 

Life Cycle - 6000 Cycles

2x Output USB C - 100W

AC Output - 110/230 VAC - 300W 

Bidirectional AC - 110/230 VAC - max. 800W

Weight - 12kg

Dimensions - Ø20 x 40cm



Be a pioneer in the energy revolution with our new ModuleOne™ solution. Buy now at a pre-order discount. Help us bring our innovative technology to the market. Let's shape the future of energy together and set the tone for future generations.

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  • What type of cells does the ModuleOne use and what are the benefits of using them?
    The ModuleOne™ operates on lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, which offer several advantages over traditional lithium-ion cells. These cells are cheaper, less toxic, and more stable. Due to their long lifespan, rapid charging capability, and heavy load capacity, they are also found in hybrid and electric vehicles. LiFePO4 cells are also more environmentally friendly as they do not contain heavy or rare metal ores.
  • Do I need to connect my devices to the front outlet of the ModuleOne™ to use the stored energy?
    No, when the ModuleOne™ is on its charger, it automatically manages your energy based on your preferences. The USB-C and AC connections on the front are only intended for outdoor use. ModuleOne™ takes care of all your energy needs, no matter where you take it: garden party, camping trip, your local neighborhood park.
  • How much can I save on my energy bill?
    The potential cost savings of our ModuleOne™ depend on the situation and infrastructure of each individual customer. Without specific information, it's difficult to estimate. An attempt: according to recent calculations, a family of four with a consumption of 3700 kWh could have saved 136 euros thanks to our energy solution, and with solar panels on the roof, even double.
  • Can I use more then one ModuleOne at the same time?
    Yes, it is possible to connect more than one ModuleOne™ home battery simultaneously. The ModuleOne™ is designed to work sequentially, ensuring that your home network never becomes overloaded. Safety first!
  • How do I install the ModuleOne?
    Installing the ModuleOne™ is simple and does not require professional assistance. Simply plug the ModuleOne™ into the electrical outlet and download the MyGrid™ app. The MyGrid™ app then connects to the MyGrid™ cloud platform, allowing you to manage and control your energy. If you have a digital meter, you can also connect it to our platform. This allows you to manage your energy even more accurately and enjoy additional benefits and savings opportunities.
  • When can I expect to receive my pre-order?
    After some delays, we are pleased to announce that we plan to launch our product in the third quarter of 2024 in Europe. We are working hard to ensure that our product meets all necessary regulations and quality standards.
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