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 Unlock the Future of Energy 

Take control of your energy with
the world's first plug & play
home energy solution

Start your journey towards energy independence today!

Reddot Design Winner 2023

MyGrid's Ecosystem
The solution for democratizing the energy transition and building an inclusive sustainable future.

The MyGrid ecosystem provides easy access to the energy transition through three unique, interconnected components: a plug-and-play power station “ModuleOne”, a cloud platform, and a mobile application.

How does it work? It's brilliantly simple

1. Plug

You can plug the ModuleOne™ into any power outlet to take control of your energy. No installation hassle, plug-and-play!

2. Connect

Easily connect ModuleOne™ to the MyGrid app to control and track your energy use for optimal savings. Charge it with low-cost energy from solar panels or the grid and use it during high-cost periods for maximum efficiency

3. Play

Once connected, maximize ModuleOne's capabilities! Its software enables smart energy use, charging and discharging at cost-effective times for profit and reduced carbon footprint


 100% funded on Kickstarter 

Curious about how we're transforming the future of energy? Visit our Kickstarter page now for an in-depth exploration of MyGrid's journey in revolutionizing Decentralized Energy Systems. Don't miss out on the full story behind our innovative ecosystem and be a part of the energy transition. 



125 charges



25 charges



27 hours


LED Lights

500 hours



15 hours


User-friendly Software

MyGrid's innovative digital platform and user-friendly app puts all the control back into your hands with many energy-saving options and settings to choose from.​

The platform makes it easier and transparent to connect with innovative and exciting energy services and mechanisms, such as dynamic prices, energy sharing, energy communities and many more to come!

Self Consumption

Increase your own solar power consumption and reduce the amount of energy you have to give away to the grid for a cheap price.

Peak Shaving

Limited peaks in your energy usage and avoid higher taxes. The ModuleOne will act as an energy buffer and flatten the curve of your energy consumption.

Dynamic Prices

The integrated software calculates the best time when to charge and discharge your energy. It will charge when prices are low and discharge when they are high.

Take back control of your power.


Capacity - 1500Wh

Battery Cell - LiFePO4 

Life Cycle - 6000 Cycles

2x Output USB C - 100W

AC Output - 110/230 VAC - 300W 

Bidirectional AC - 110/230 VAC - max. 800W

Weight - 12kg

Dimensions - Ø20 x 40cm



Join us at the forefront of the energy revolution with our new ModuleOne solution. Pre-order now and help us bring this game-changing technology to market. Be a part of something truly groundbreaking and shape the future of energy with us.

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  • What type of cells does the ModuleOne use and what are the benefits of using them?
    The ModuleOne is powered by lithium-iron phosphate (LiFePO4) cells, which offer several benefits over traditional lithium-ion cells. These cells have a lower cost, are less toxic, and are more stable. They are also used in hybrid and electric vehicles and have a high cycle life, making them capable of handling heavy loads and fast charging. Additionally, LiFePO4 cells are environmentally friendly because they do not contain any heavy metals or rare metals.
  • To use the saved energy from the device, do I need to plug it into the front power socket?
    No, you do not need to plug the ModuleOne into the front power socket to use the saved energy. When the ModuleOne is on its charger unit, it will automatically manage your energy based on your preferences. The front USB-C and AC socket are only intended for mobile use.
  • Can I use it with a plug and play solar panel?
    If the plug and play solar panel is connected to your homegrid, then yes. If you want to connect a portable solar panel for camping we foresee an extra accessory which is on the 2024 roadmap.
  • What are the potential cost savings?
    The potential cost savings with this product will vary based on each individual customer's situation and infrastructure. It is difficult to provide a specific estimate without more information. However, we do have a blog on LinkedIn where we feature a specific use case each week, which may provide some insight into the potential savings you could expect.
  • Can I use more then one ModuleOne at the same time?
    Yes, it is possible to connect more than one ModelOne home battery simultaneously. The ModelOne is designed to work sequentially, so it will never overload the home grid.
  • How do I install the ModuleOne?
    Installing the ModuleOne is easy and does not require any professional assistance. Simply plug the ModuleOne into any existing wall socket and download the MyGrid App. The MyGrid App will then connect to the MyGrid Cloud network, allowing you to monitor and control the system.
  • When can I expect to receive my order?
    We're excited to announce that we're planning to ship our product to Europe in Q1 of 2024, with the rest of the world following in Q3 of 2024. We're working hard to ensure that our product meets all necessary regulations and quality standards, and we appreciate your patience as we prepare for the launch.
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