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The Power of the Crowd: How Community Shapes MyGrid's Journey to Empower Energy Independence

MyGrid has come a long way. We’ve set out on an extraordinary journey to empower individuals to control their energy with our ModuleOne, an IoT home battery that's as simple as 'plug and play'. We're envisioning a future where energy independence isn't a luxury, but a standard. As we look back on our journey so far, we cannot understate the vital role the crowd has played in our growth, from initial ideation to a successful Kickstarter campaign and now to our ongoing equity-based crowdfunding on Spreds.

From the very onset, MyGrid has believed in the power of the crowd. We aimed to create an inclusive energy ecosystem, where everyone could be a part of the solution rather than passive consumers in the face of the pressing energy issues of our time.

Listening to the Crowd: Initial Interactions

The cornerstone of our journey began with engaging the crowd directly. We conducted numerous interviews, surveys, and interactions, drawing insights and inspirations from people from various walks of life. This extensive outreach allowed us to understand our customers' needs better, appreciate their concerns, and build a product that truly resonates with their aspirations.

It was through this interaction that we uncovered the widespread desire for more control over energy sourcing and use, leading to the birth of MyGrid's core mission. By integrating these diverse perspectives, we designed a solution that didn’t just serve, but also inspired and empowered.

Harnessing the Crowd: Kickstarter Success

The validation of our vision came when we turned to Kickstarter for our initial round of funding. Our campaign was not just about funds; it was a test for our idea's viability and acceptance among potential users.

Your overwhelming support exceeded our expectations. You believed in our mission and joined us on our journey. The Kickstarter campaign's success reaffirmed that we were on the right path, not only from an innovation standpoint but also in creating meaningful, impactful connections with people. It demonstrated the power of crowd support and confirmed that MyGrid was not just our idea, but a community-driven endeavor.

Empowering the Crowd: Equity Crowdfunding on Spreds

Today, we continue to harness the crowd's power as we invite you to join our equity crowdfunding campaign on Spreds. We believe in democratizing not just energy, but also the process of business growth and value creation.

Equity crowdfunding is the next logical step in our journey, providing a unique opportunity for our supporters to become part of MyGrid, literally. By taking an equity share, you're not only backing a business you believe in, you're also helping shape its future direction. You are integral to our efforts in creating an energy-efficient world, and together, we can do more than just imagine it; we can build it.


The MyGrid story is a compelling example of the power that comes from a dedicated community. Your support and feedback have been crucial in shaping our journey and reinforcing our mission. From day one to the present, you've been a part of our story and continue to contribute to our future. Furthermore, our goal extends beyond just our growth; it's about empowering you as the consumer to take control of your energy needs on your own terms.

We are MyGrid, because you are MyGrid.


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